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Flareheads is a discussion of contemporary issues facing local economic growth and vibrancy. It focuses on subjects including economic development, entrepreneurship, quality of life, workforce challenges and innovation. It is hosted by Kevin Crowder, a certified economic developer who is the Founder of BusinessFlare and is the former economic development director for Miami Beach.

The Tribe of “Flareheads” join him on these discussions that are relevant, insightful and sometimes irreverent. Their approach is realistic, respectful, and honest and is not disguised behind confusing bureaucrat and planner-speak. They believe that combining a respectful reality check with a community’s will to succeed is the path to breaking the status quo and realizing your community’s potential. If you have any questions, or want to contact us for any reason, please write us at kevin@flareheads.com.

Episodes with video can be viewed on YouTube and Spotify.

Episode Themes: Main Streets and Downtowns, Craft Brewery Revitalization, Miami’s Gold Rush

Welcome to The Music Cities!

The Music Cities. What makes a place one of The Music Cities?

In this special Flareheads series, we will explore the different ways that a place can be one of The Music Cities. The Music Cities are where people connect to a place and engage other people through music. Places that people want to be because of the music. Places that people think of because of music....

Florida Brewers Guild Conversation with Colliers' Alexie Fonseca About Lake Wales Opportunities

Great conversation with Alexie Fonseca of Colliers, who is working on efforts in Downtown Lake Wales to foster opportunity for business growth, including the attraction of a craft brewery. We talk about what draws people to Lake Wales, authentic Downtowns versus shopping centers, how comfortable is your downtown and how experiences can overcome Amazon’s impact...

Florida Brewers Guild Conversation with Beachfly Brewing's Zach Featherstone

Great conversation and update from Beachfly Brewing’s Zach Featherstone. We first met Zach when we were working for the City of Rockledge, and they happened to be looking around the Space Coast for a new location. This eventually led to their purchase of a building from the City right in the heart of Rockledge’s future...

Florida Brewers Guild Conversation with Beer Banker Jason Sleeman

Caught up with Jason Sleeman of United Community Bank to talk breweries at the Florida Brewers Guild annual conference. Jason is in charge of craft beverage lending for United Community Bank and has more than $80m out across the US in funding for expansions and startups of breweries, distilleries, cideries, and wineries. His perspective is...

A Main Street Conversation with Wauchula CRA Director Jessica Newman

A fun conversation with Jessica Newman, CRA and Main Street Director in Wauchula, Florida. Nice hearing about all the great things happening in Downtown Wauchula. Recorded at the 2022 Preservation on Main Street Conference in Deland, Florida.

"Sometimes you have to put a pork chop around a kid's neck to get the dog to play with him. That’s Redevelopment." An interview with FRA President Jeff Burton.

I enjoyed spending time with my friend Dr. Jeff Burton, President of the Florida Redevelopment Association at the Preservation on Main Street Conference last week in Deland, Florida, where he joined me for a special video podcast conversation about a range of topics including? Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and visit flareheads.com for more...

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