What is a Flarehead?

“Our approach is new and fresh and has proven successful in communities and cities that want more than just the status quo. It incorporates knowledge and experience with the energy of the millennial and adaptability to a fast-changing world. We don’t just believe in our approach, we live it, we dance it. It connects communities through truth, respect and knowledge. The old way may have been good enough, but good enough is just not good enough anymore. Communities have too much at stake as investment dollars, talent and momentum quickly seek out areas with promise and potential.

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The Music Cities

Music cities are special places. They don’t develop and grow through the analysis of market data and the implementation of local government ‘strategies’. No. Rather, they emerge through the connection people make to a place where they can engage with other likeminded people. There are many things that can make a place one of TheMusicCities,…

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Craft Brewery Revitalization (3 Episodes)

Florida Brewers Guild Conversation with Beer Banker Jason Sleeman Florida Brewers Guild Conversation with Beachfly Brewing’s Zach Featherstone Florida Brewers Guild Conversation with Colliers’ Alexie Fonseca About Lake Wales Opportunities

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Main Streets (4 Episodes)

“Sometimes you have to put a pork chop around a kid’s neck to get the dog to play with him. That’s Redevelopment.” An interview with FRA President Jeff Burton. A Main Street Conversation with Wauchula CRA Director Jessica Newman A Main Street Conversation with Punta Gorda Councilman Jaha Cummings Florida Brewers Guild Conversation with Colliers’…

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Miami’s Gold Rush (3 Episodes)

Ken Stapleton of Ken Stapleton and Associates joins Kevin Crowder for a discussion of the ongoing corporate relocation fever impacting Miami and other cities. Episode 1 – Place Brands and Miami’s Gold Rush Episode 2 – Miami’s Gold Rush Part 2 Episode 3: Miami’s Gold Rush, Latin America and Downtowns

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Cities can make or break a new business

Sometimes it just comes down to a planning director’s good, or bad attitude.

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