Real and Perceived Safety in Downtowns and Beyond – The SafeDesign Approach Part 1

In this episode, we talk with Ken Stapleton of Ken Stapleton and Associates and the SafeDesign Institute about addressing real and perceived safety issues in our downtowns and other areas of our communities. We talk about the chapter on safety that he contributed to the book “Design Downtown for Women and the Men Will Follow.”

Topics include the “She-conomy”, and how places must be “comfortable enough” and “safe enough.”

How safety is not just about crime statistics and police presence, but between people there are varying safety thresholds.

What really are “community policing innovations?” They often just end up being more police, but it is much more than that.

How measurement and tracking of perception is critical and rarely done, and how once crime and safety are being addressed from a policing perspective, there has to be a shift to talking about perceptions which will linger long after the actual problem has been addressed.

We also talk about the physical environment and what makes a place feel safe.

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